Supremes Rule NC Gerrymandering Unconstitutional

NPR: “The court’s decision centered on two congressional districts that previously contained a substantial percentage of African-American voters, but not a majority. After the 2010 census, however, the GOP-controlled North Carolina Legislature reshuffled tens of thousands of black and white voters into and out of the two districts, one around Durham, and the other in a different part of the state snaking from south to north. Writing for the court on Monday, Justice Elena Kagan said the redistricting deliberately concentrated black voters in the two districts and diluted their voting clout in neighboring districts.

“By a unanimous vote, the justices rejected North Carolina’s argument that it was required by the Voting Rights Act to create these two majority black districts. And by a 5-3 vote, the court found that the evidence in the case ‘debunked’ the state’s contention that in setting racial targets, it was acting not with any racial motive, but only for partisan advantage.”

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