Study Tracey how Money Influences Finance, Telecommunications Votes

Roosevelt Institute: “The message of Ferguson, Jorgensen, and Chen’s study is simple: Money influences key congressional floor votes on both finance and telecommunication issues. Americans may not have the ‘best Congress money can buy’—after all, as they note, their results could be even bleaker—but there is no point in pretending that what appears to be the voice of the people is really often the sound of money talking.”

Moyers & Company expands: “In this example, of course, party played a big role in how members of Congress voted: Democrats largely supported net neutrality, Republicans largely didn’t. The partisan split remains today. But money also played a determining role, the Roosevelt Institute’s researchers found. For every $1,000 given by a company like Netflix or Google, the likelihood that a member of Congress would vote for the legislation increased by 24 percent. For every $1,000 given by companies that opposed net neutrality, the chances that a legislator would vote against the legislation increased by 2.6 percent.”

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