Why Liquid Democracy

Liquid democracy resolves most of the problems existing in our current system by refocusing politics from elections and individual candidates or office holders to policy. Power goes from being decentralized in a few hundred federal and few thousand local politicians to tens of thousands of proxies. Every elected and party official, as well as many government employees, then, have a huge incentive to do whatever it takes to get and keep power. This includes lying, compromising your ideals and breaking or abusing the law to collect resources, win votes, or prevent the other side from voting, so long as it helps you or someone in your party win reelection. Redistricting, for example, already a hard task to complete fairly, becomes gerrymandering, a tool for giving yourself power at the expense of the voters’ right to choose.

In political environments like today’s, when each side thinks the other could lead to disaster, there’s an even bigger reason to do whatever is necessary to win. Any sin, idiocy or hypocrisy you or a fellow party member commit must be forgiven, explained away or ignored to ensure your side wins.