LD Projects

There several ongoing projects directly related to Liquid Democracy in the US and around the world. In addition, there are a number of projects trying to apply cutting edge tech towards creating deliberative processes that engage the public in decision-making and deliberative processes that are likely to become liquid at some point.

Regardless of whether you’re a San Francisco, you can sign up for Liquid.vote and cast symbolic votes on legislation before the SF Board of Supervisors, or choose a proxy to do it for you. There are additional features available for SF residents.

The Democracy Earth Foundation is building Sovereign, which would enable groups of any size to engage in secure, transparent liquid democracy votes.

Flux is an official party in Australia whose members, if any become elected, are bound to vote on legislation based on the outcome of a platform that uses issue-based direct democracy voting. This system is similar to liquid democracy, except people can choose not to vote on a particular bill in exchange for increased influence on a later vote of their choosing. A Flux political party recently formed in the US as well.

Liquid Democracy e.V. is a German nonprofit developing tools like Adhocracy that enable public deliberation on policy proposals. While liquid voting is possible, it is not the primary focus of the platform.

Originally used as a decision-making tool for chapters of the German Pirate Party, LiquidFeedback is a tool developed by German nonprofit Public Software Group. This tool has minimal features for public debate, but has a completely transparent liquid democracy process.