Liquid Democracy

Liquid Democracy is a replacement to the current widely used system of Representative Democracy, whereby instead of intermittently electing representatives to craft laws, voters vote on legislation and make other governmental decisions directly or through a proxy of their choosing, which they can change at any time.

Voters can select a proxy for all bills and decisions or for specific topics or votes. That proxy will then cast votes on the voter’s behalf, but the voter can review and change their vote or their proxy at any time.

Within that general framework, there is a lot of variety that needs to be discussed and agreed upon. For example, how many voters can a proxy represent? One of the goals of Democracy Trending is to provoke conversation on that topic.

There are, naturally, a number of concerns, with this system, both from the practical standpoint of whether it can ever be secure and trusted and the idea of putting so much power directly into the hands of the people, particularly in times of national crises. We believe there are solutions for these concerns, but there should be a long, deep and open conversation about the vulnerabilities and the best way to address them.