Liquid Democracy

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I’m on board, or at least intrigued, by this whole liquid democracy idea. How do we get there from here? There are three paths to liquid democracy: pressuring elected officials […]

Without the need to contact millions of people to make the case for your election, campaign spending in support of or against an individual will most likely fall dramatically. Individual […]

There several ongoing projects directly related to Liquid Democracy in the US and around the world. In addition, there are a number of projects trying to apply cutting edge tech […]

Liquid Democracy

Liquid Democracy is a replacement to the current widely used system of Representative Democracy, whereby instead of intermittently electing representatives to craft laws, voters vote on legislation and make other governmental […]

Liquid democracy resolves most of the problems existing in our current system by refocusing politics from elections and individual candidates or office holders to policy. Power goes from being decentralized […]

BlogTalkRadio has an interview with Alex Tate, the founder of Flux USA. Flux, initially formed in Australia, uses a variation of liquid democracy called issue-based direct democracy (IBDD). IBDD is similar […]